Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Butterflies Everywhere!

I hope you can see all the butterflies on this bush. They are on almost every flower. It's the most I've ever seen at one time.

Here is a new black one. Pretty, but I don't know what it is.

UPdate: Thanks to Maria in Finland I now know that this is a Mourning Cloak. Isn't that a fitting name? I love it when I find out the name of new one. Maria, thank you, again for taking the time to comment.

This is Raggedy Wings. He's been around for the past week. DH saved his life last night.

For some reason he flew straight into a bucket of water. PLOP! Right into the water. Then he just layed on the top like he couldn't move. DH grabbed him and put him on the deck railing so his wings could dry out. They dried and he flew away.
I had just read on the net that when their wings look like this it means they are old. Maybe he was near death and was trying to commit suicide? It was very weird how he flew right into that bucket of water.

By the way, did you know the average life span of a butterfly is just 2 weeks to one month? Hardly seems worth all the trouble they go through to be born!

Cute face.


  1. Wow, such great pictures! So many butterflies. You could charge admission. ;-)

  2. Loved all the butterflies. How long is their lifespan anyway? I've noticed that they seem drawn to our pond, but I've never seen any fall in...

  3. I know the name for your dark butterfly. Its very common here in Finland:
    Nymphalis antiopa
    "Mourningcloak Butterfly"

  4. Thank you, Karen.

    Sue, I added that information after the original post. It's about 2 weeks to a month.

    Maria, Thank you! The name 'Mourning cloak' sure fits this one, doesn't it?

  5. Great shots! How long did they stay around? I have never seen my bushes like that.

  6. Sandy,
    They stay around all the long as the sun is out. Today it's overcast and only 65 degrees and I haven't seen more than 4 butterflies and one hummer at one time.

  7. Spectacular pictures Zoey! Sad that butterflies don`t live longer. The old fella`s wings look like they are designed that way. I guess butterflies age well.


  8. Well, tea, if we only lived a month, I guess we'd look pretty good in our old age, too! LOL

  9. Ok that's it, I'm stealing your camera!!! lol What gorgeous pictures you've posted once again...cannot get over how clear your closeups are! My gosh, I can't get over all the butterflies on that bush...never seen so many all at once. I didn't realize their life span was so short...hmmm maybe that one you saved just wanted to end it one day earlier! lol

  10. Fabulous pictures Zoey! Love the butterflies in flight and that funny face closeup. I must get a butterfly bush! Had one a while back but it only survived 2 winters. Yours is beautiful. I know what you mean by getting tired of watering and looking after the containers. It gets old after a while. Still, mine have stayed pretty longer than usual it seems this I'm still being diligent.
    I haven't seen many hummingbirds at the feeders this year. They're in the garden and round about though. Guess there's enough flowers to keep them busy so they don't need the sugar water as much. I miss seeing them up close.


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