Sunday, August 6, 2006

Making a Floral Arrangement

I start my flower arrangement by preparing the wet foam (be sure to use "wet" foam, not the stuff you use in dry floral arrangements as it won't absorb water).
I like to put the foam in the container and fill the sink full of water and let it soak for about half an hour. That is long enough for the water to be fully absorbed by the foam. (The foam fits snuggly in this container, so I don't worry about using tape to hold it in)

While it's absorbing, I go out and gather the flowers.
I stick them in water, too, so they absorb as much as possible before I arrange them.
I actually picked the silver Artemisia last week, but never made the arrangement. It's been sitting in water on my kitchen counter since then. Artemisia will last forever; even without water it will dry and stay silver.

I start with the Artemisia because it's the bottom filler plant. I am using Persian Shield for the second filler. I think fillers are the secret to making a pleasing arrangement.

I decided to stick a bit of spiderwort in the center. I've never used spiderwort in arrangements before, so this is an experiment.

Then I just fill in flowers. I work loosely in three's arranged in a triangular shape and I began with three of the purple phlox because they were the largest flower. Next I put in three of the purple coneflower, which are the intended focal flowers. I just add until I am satisfied.

Here it is at the point of my satisfaction

Yes, it is very precariously perched atop the deck railing.
The early morning lighting was not good on the table where I was working.
I kept thinking, if this falls off, it will serve me right. LOL. The things I do in the name of blogging.


  1. How lovely-it's like having your own florist shop in your backyard. : )

  2. Zoey, a very nice arrangement, I like this dark red colours!


  3. What a delightful arrangement!! I've done things like that too, just for the sake of blogging! lol Thanks for the step by step on how to make an arrangement...have copied it all down:-)

  4. Dianne, that is very well said! It is exactly like having my own florist. It's so much fun to wander around and see what I can use.

    Hi Sigrun, Pea and Sissy. Hope you are all having a good day.

  5. You flower arrangement is gorgeous.

    My darling daughter once took a flower arranging course for fun at our local university.


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