Monday, August 7, 2006

Now that I am Back to Work

I have no time for gardening. My poor plants looked a bit wilted when I got home this afternoon.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Last week we finished the second path. This view is from the backside. This path connects to the first path, so now I can walk all through this border, which I am estimating at about 25 feet deep.

This is the front side

Remember the zinnias that were eaten by the stink bugs? Well here they are now

looking pretty good considering what they went through. I am so proud because I grew these from seed! I am not very successful with seeds. I had about 6 packages of zinnia seeds and this is all I have to show for it. Nothing I planted in the ground is still alive. The tall one here that you can't see the top of is going to be red. I was afraid that none of the red survived, so I'm happy to have that tiny bit of success.

The coleus section is looking pretty full now, too


  1. Lots of coleus! Are you having to pinch it back now? I am doing that with mine. However, when I went to one of our big nurseries today, they had huge ornamental beds of coleus plants on which they had let the spiky flowers grow. The plants were quite beautiful! (I've never actually seen flowering coleus before because I've never known anyone who lets them grow.)

  2. I have been pinching the little flower heads off as I see them. Now that it's the second half of the season, I am going to let them flower because I like how they look, too.

  3. My only successful zinnias were those I started in pots.

  4. Your flowers are still so beautiful and you must be enjoying the looks great!! I've never grown coleus...are they the ones that like shade? I have a big pine tree at the back of the house and the grass is dead under it...I was thinking of planting coleus and something else under it. What do you think?

  5. Thank you Tea & Margarita.

    Kasmira, Mine, too. I think next year I will only plant them in pots.

    Thanks, Sandy, nice to see you.

    Pea, I don't know about planting them under pines. You could try,but I have not had any success with anything under my Pine trees. Even hostas barely survive under mine. But, yes, they are shade plants.


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