Monday, August 21, 2006

What's With Men and Their Change?

They all seem to save it.

DH puts pennies in this coffee can.

He has a big glass jar for silver.

Do the men in your life save their loose change?


  1. Yes, but I do it more than he does. I have a jar of silver and also one for pennies.

  2. My father-in-law saves coins more than we do. I do have a coin saver can in the kitchen and a little watering can bank I put quarters in only in hopes of saving up for that special plant.

  3. My man also accumulates change. He leaves it all over the place. I scoop it up and put it in a dish by the front door, where it is handy for my bus fare.

  4. We don't but I did have some cans of change from yesteryear and I used it for a treasure hunt for my grandkids this summer.

  5. Mine is a huge coin saver. Once in a while he rolls the coins and takes them to the bank for the grandkids..

  6. Did you all read Dianne's use of her change?
    That would be a painless way to save for a plant that might be a bit more costly than you usually buy.
    Dianne, you are one clever girl!

    Norah, Welcome. That's another neat idea for those who have grandkids.

  7. We have a big dish full of change. We don't bother separating the pennies. Sometimes I clean out my purse into it, but it's mostly my husband emptying his pockets.

    (By the way, I read that as "men and the change" at first and thought you were posting about male menopause.)

  8. Yup he saves pennies in a wooden piggy bank he had made at school when he was a boy....I save silver all year long then roll it up for when I go to the casino! lol

  9. On his dashboard and in his pants that are in the wash lol


  10. Yup. They go into an old jam jar that I cut a coin drop hole in and decorated with puffy paint. It's a piggy bank for the young ones. When it gets full, he rolls them and takes them to the bank. Then the little ones get to spend the amount however they want - usually DVDs.


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