Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What the Garden Looks Like Today

Whoops....make that yesterday...........I'm a little late in posting this one..........

The Sedum Autumn Joy is just starting to color. It's already abuzz with bees of all kinds.

I let the coleus flower because it's the end of the season and it doesn't have much longer to live.

And look at this -- another butterfly bush, but a darker purple color.

I've had it for a few years, but it has not bloomed for the past two. (It's actually the same age as the big one near the deck). Last year I moved it here and it seems to like this neighborhood much better. But it can't live here any longer. Now that I've put in the walking path, it will get way too big. I hate to uproot it just when it has started blooming. I think I'll wait until spring to decide what to do with it.

I still have a lot of BE Susans in bloom. Most of the phlox is finished and I am awaiting the New England Asters.


  1. Spring is probably a good time to move the butterfly bush. You can whack it back and have less to move.

    Do you really think you need to move it? From the photo, it looks nice where it is. In your climate, I would think that it would die back each year and not get larger than a 5 foot spread.

  2. Hey Zoey! How fabulous is your work!!??!
    About the red twigged dog wood? I probably just got the species, I bought it from Musser Forests, and they don't give info on the particulars!

  3. Your garden is still looking beautiful...I'm partial to BlackEyed Susans and am growing them for the first time this year:-) My petunias are pretty much over, my phlox is no longer in bloom...it's starting to look bare around here! lol I got a surprise yesterday though...I was looking at my Clematis, the last of the blooms are now gone...and noticed about 5 new buds starting!! I didn't realize they bloom a second time in the same season???

  4. Okay I'm going to try and post this again for the third time (computer is acting up). I love, love, love your garden/property. What a dream!! The paths, the woodland beauty, the meadowlike paths of flowers. Sigh.... It is everything that I love. Wow. TWT

  5. You did a fantastic job with those stepping stones!


  6. You really have a Sedum wonderland there. It looks very nice when you have so much of it.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous woodland look! Now if I could only have your lot what fun I could have continuing my dream gardens! Just lovely next time I am in Michigan I will have to visit this garden!!

  8. OMG, your garden is so very lovely! I'm striving for a look like that.
    Thanks for sharing!


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