Thursday, August 17, 2006

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

asked Pea (in the comments).

You know I was wondering the same thing after the last post.

Just before sitting down to post this, I went in the bedroom closet and made a quick count.

I must admit there were a few more pairs than I expected because not long ago I threw some in the garbage. Just this week I threw away a pair of shoe boots that were quite worn.

The fact that I cannot close the closet door due to shoes creeping out should have been a clue that my collection is expanding....

I had over 70 pairs.

Guess what was sitting on my porch when I got home this afternoon?

Yup, a bag with two pair of shoes I ordered last week.

I love to wear this style of shoe boot with pants.

My feeling is that if you have to dress up to go to work, you can never have too many shoes.

Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get rid of a few more. As I am getting more mature in years, I find some of those high skinny heels too uncomfortable. I may toss a few of those. Posted by Picasa


  1. If they are still in good condition, perhaps you can donate them to a worthy cause? There is an organization in our county that helps women down on their luck dress professionally for that critical interview. They maintain a "store" of good quality women's work clothes, that these women can look through to create an outfit suitable for job-hunting. I think they help with makeup and hair styling, too.

    Maybe there is an organization like that near you.

  2. Zoey we seem to have much in common as I view your past posts! Our passion for shoes,frogs,(naming them) photos of insects in our gardens and most important our gardening passion!Your garden a beauty! Thanks for introducing yourself by posting a comment on my site!

  3. Yuck. Another reminder that I have left Zone 8 behind me...
    I don't own one pair of boots. Perhaps it's a sign that it will never snow on me!!

  4. 70 pairs??????????? Gonna start calling you Imelda Marcos! lol I think I own 8 pairs lol Love the new shoes you got...that's the kind I love to wear with pants too! My mom loves shoes and she's got quite a few pairs...should ask her to count them! lol

  5. 70 pairs...WOW !!!!!
    I probably own about 8 pairs of boots, shoes & scandles collectively.
    But I don't have to go to work anymore...YIPEE

  6. *LOL* I didn't mean scandles...I meant sandles.

  7. Oh what a question! I do not know how much shoes I have!


  8. I don't know, AIP, I think 8 scandles is enough for any woman. LOL

    Naturegirl, I noticed that we have a lot of the same plants, too.

    Kathy, I don't think we have one of those places...just the Salvation Army store.

    Sissy, These aren't for snow...just pants. I didn't count the snow ones......I will have to add 3 more.

    Pea, That is what DH calls me. I was going to mention it, but forgot her last name. :)

    Sigrun, you may be surprised if you count them.

    AIP, as soon as I no longer work. I will get rid of about 50 pairs! Then I won't have to worry about the door not closing!

  9. Oh, those are some nice "shoe-boots". You must not have a problem wearing new shoes. I always wish I could find a pair that look new, but feel broken-in.

  10. 70+ pairs! You go girl. : )
    I think I have half that if you count both winter and summer shoes. I do love the shoe boots and have a few pairs too. They are comfy and do look grea with slacks.

  11. Oh boy! Do you also have 70 handbags?

  12. My husband calls me Imelda Jr! I have over 50 pairs. Love Love Love shoes!
    (also love purses too!)


  13. Wow 70 pairs I only have 27 pairs and that is counting barn boots and cow showing boots.


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