Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm in Love

with these Creme Saver Butter Toffee & Creme hard candies.

They are the perfect combination of real cream and rich butter toffee lightly swirled for a simply divine hard candy experience.

YUM! The most creamy dreamy 20 calories I've eaten in a long time.

It's a cool rainy day here today. It's the first all-day rain I remember since May. It's only 58 degrees and it's going to rain all day tomorrow, too.

I'm actually looking forward to the poor weather weekend.

Tomorrow I am cooking a full turkey dinner - almost like Thanksgiving -mashed potatoes, dressing, etc. I have a 14 lb. turkey that's been in the freezer for months. A cool rainy day will be the perfect time to cook it.

I also have a lot of cleaning chores to catch up on and I might just work a bit on my quilt.

It looks like it will be a full weekend with no gardening chores.

What's everyone else planning to do this weekend?


  1. We're BBQing on the patio and then sitting around our firepit outside with a good bottle (or two) of wine and our best friends.
    The weather here is absolutely perfect. Sunny and comfortable.

  2. Well I'm comin' over to your place for turkey of course!! hehe I had to laugh when I saw that Creme Savers butter toffee & creme candy because I just discovered them myself a couple of months ago...are they just soooo yummy???

  3. Wish I could say I'll be as productive as you, but chances are not good.

  4. We are working in the garden today, I have divided a lot of hostas, some big one (that does Mr. Wonderful) and Minute Man divided by me. In the moment the skye is very grey, we wait for rain, but Mr. Wonderful must first cut the lawn.


  5. The cracks in the soil are just getting bigger, no rain for us....
    I often cook turkey in the crockpot, it cooks all day and my hubby thinks I am a devoted wife, when I have really been at the Book Fair, or PTL, or Market Day, or Youth Group or know!!

  6. We've had two days of rain too. It's nice for a change, to get a few things done in the house.
    This morning I wasted hours installing a new antivirus/firewall/Spam program and oh, what a pain getting all the kinks out....and there's still some. I hate that!
    Tomorrow I hope to be more productive!
    Wish I had a piece of that candy right now. It's not fair to tease like that, you know....

  7. I've been in love with these candies for quite a while. This particular flavor I find them hard to find. The only place I can still find them is in my local Wal-mart store. Cheers!


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