Friday, September 1, 2006

Harvest Time

It won't take me long to harvest my crop.

This is it.

A few scrawny tomatoes.

I only have this because someone gave me two plants, so I stuck them in here.

See the nice red tomatoes at the top?

I got them from my mother-in-law. She grows wonderfully delicious tomatoes.

See the two on the bottom?
They came from my plant.

That is why I do not grow vegetables.
While joking about my vegetable “harvest”, I got to thinking about generations before us.

Prior to the modern conveniences we all enjoy, few of us realize the sweat and toil every woman went through to feed her family. All that picking, cleaning, chopping, cooking, canning........hundreds of jars to haul to the root cellar.

I, for one, am very glad to be living in this era, when harvesting for me means walking down 4 stairs to pick two tomatoes. I don't have to worry about cleaning and canning bushel loads to have food for the winter. If I chose to do this as a hobby, I can. But few women today MUST do it to prevent family starvation.

We live in a wonderful era.


  1. Amen to that. People always assume I do a lot of canning, as if that were the only way to feed a large family. We do can a few things: pickles, jams from berries we picked ourselves, and applesauce when our trees actually bear apples. I say "we," but I really don't get involved anymore. My older kids do the canning they want to do--usually for improved flavor.

    I would rather use my brain than my brawn any day, so I pray we never have to face a calamity like the Great Depression again.

  2. Yes we do and also we live in wonderful countries where we have ther FREEDOM of choices.Some women don't have the luxuries we have.Perhaps your moms tomatoes are grown in the ground and that is the difference. Heh I love home grown any way..nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomatoe...savor.. as soon we'll be eating those tasteless store bought! :( Thank you for your comments on my blogsite! :)

  3. Zoey,
    My veggie yield has been dismal this year. We always have plenty of tomatoes to share with friends and family. This year we buying from the country produce stand. Can't figure it out, other than really weird weather?
    Even when I have loads of veggies, I no longer can. Been there, done that!!

  4. Kathy, My DH is convinced that we will one day have another Great Depression. I sure hope he's wrong.

    MY MIL's are grown in the ground. She's been working her soil for over 50 years, so I'm sure it's way better than my pot. Even though mine aren't too pretty, they do taste good...anything is better than those I buy in the store.

    I think those 112 degree days you had probably didn't help your crop production??? My Mom feels the same about the "been there, done that".

  5. My mom and I can tomatoes every year. That is the only thing we can though and its because we love them:)

  6. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I LOVE it! Much like mine, your daily blogs are short, sweet and to the point with pictures. I've bookmarked you for daily reading. Like you, my tomatoes are a bit lackluster, but then, we don't get those warm summer nights that they really like. We are in zone 5, but things get a bit moderated here on the eastern coast.

  7. SAndy, My mom used to can them every year and give me some, but she stopped a few years ago. That is the one thing I really miss for making chili on a cold winter night. Nothing tastes as fresh as your own canned tomatoes.

    Giddy, Welcome! Thank you for the nice comments. I realized recently that I, too, like the blogs that have rather short posts and pics are a must. I no longer read blogs without pictures. I am off now to visit your blog.


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