Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cardinal Flower is a Dud

These two plants should be at least 3 feet high. They were planted last year.

The one above is 3 inches high and the one on the left is about 8 inches.

About a month ago I noticed they were not doing well. I researched a bit and found out they need a lot of water.

I moved them under the plant on the arbor so they would get water every day. It did not seem to help.

At least they are still alive. Maybe they will do better next year.


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  2. Oppsmade boo boo up there.
    Mine bloomed 3 stalks-it may be a year older than yours. Maybe something next to it was cramping it's space though mine is planted near invasive ornamental grass. It's also partly sunny there too

  3. Sorry about your cardinal flower. Hope it does better next year. I see you have variegated sedum. I have some of that too, back in my "hidden" garden. It's doing about as well as your cardinal flower though.

  4. Dianne, how tall was yours when it bloomed?

    I think it is sedum 'frosty morn'. I love the foliage, but the flowers are not much...hardly any color.

  5. I planted mine in a hot, dry spot last year, based on the scanty information from the HD tag. After realizing that full sun is ok, but not dry, I moved them in the fall. They did very well this year in a moister spot. Yours will probably look great next summer.


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