Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good Morning, Bloggy Friends!

I have nothing to post this morning because I did nothing in the garden yesterday.
I did not even water the deck plants.
I can imagine they are sulking like crazy this morning.
Well, too bad.
They will just have to wait until later today to quinch their thrist.

Darn Blogger would not let me post a picture again.
Well, I don't give up easily. We live for pics here in Blogland.
I have discovered that when Blogger is in a bad mood, I can usually get Picassa to post the picture. I'll just consider that my "Tuesday Tip", so this post shall not be totally without merit.

Have a totally tantalizingly titillating Tuesday. Posted by Picasa


  1. I gave up on Blogger months ago and always post photos through Picasa now. Never have a problem at all.

  2. Waving back at your shadow!! hehe I'll check into Picassa, thanks for the tip:-)

  3. I have used Picasa, but they are owned by Google too. Sometimes when Blogger won't post, Picasa won't either, so I gave up on it. (I love Picasa for keeping my photos organized on my hard drive, though.) I host my photos on Flickr and just cut and paste the appropriate code into my post. I did have to modify my template, however, to accommodate the larger size of the photos. (But it was worth it because the photos are larger.) Man, I'm sorry I'm going on about this but I have tried most of the popular photo hosting and posting methods and I am down to using only Flickr or Blogger.

  4. Great tip! Will I find it by just typing in Picassa?
    And I love reading your blog :)


  5. I have good luck using Picasa except when it posts the pics before I'm finished queuing them. Then if I try to add the left-out ones using Blogger, it won't do it. When I just used Blogger it was hit or miss, depending what sort of mood Blogger was in. VERY annoying!!
    You always amuse me Zoey :) Hope you have a wonderfully whacky Wednesday :)

  6. Hee hee, "wonderfully whacky Wednesday" - I like that.

    Tea, just google "Picasa". It'a a free download.

    Karen, sometimes I wish I could get the pics a little bigger. I thought other bloggers did - now I know how they do it.

    Alice, I like to use Blogger because I find it easier to get multiple pictures. You told me how to do it in Picasa, but I have forgotten. :)

    Check it out. You will love it just for its ability to catalog all of your pictures on your computer.


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