Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Season is Winding Down

I am getting pretty tired of watering the deck plants every day. They are going downhill and it's not much fun watering them when they look like this yellowing Elephant's Ear. I keep cutting off the yellowed leaves, but two days later there's another one.

I haven't walked the other gardens in a week. I know there's nothing new blooming. It was so much more interesting last month when I'd get home from work and rush out to see what had changed.

I am not all that upset about it.

All these plants are a lot of work and by October I am ready to chuck them all on the compost pile and settle in to inside activities.

I have not set the dining room table once this summer because I have a quilt-in-progress lying on top of it. I need to spend some time getting the quilting finished on that so I can put it away. It shouldn't take me more than about 12 hours of work since it's about half done now.

I have a lot of winter projects ready. That helps to welcome the change of season.


  1. Oh no!! Zoey, you sound ready to start hibernating! I think if you gave those elephant ears a boost of high nitrogen, they would come right back for you! All that watering they need washes everything out of the soil...
    I wish I had another hobby besides gardening.

  2. I know you feel the change of seasons much more than we do. Luckily for us, we can comfortably use our patio for 6-8 months of the year...

  3. Well I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I too use to rush home to see what new beauty was poking its head up to the sky. Now, it is becoming more of a chore than a joy. Too early to change the container plants to a more autumn look but I'm tired of the half dead foliage on display right now and dreading the winter ahead. But I love your attitude. That is what I need to do, find a winter project to ease me in to the next season. Good idea. TWT

  4. I'm feeling the same way...a lot of my flowers, especially the petunias are now turning all yellow, as are some of the other leaves from other plants. Like you said, you eventually get so tired of watering everything every day, deadheading, pinching, poking, etc! lol I'm just about ready to resume my indoor activities too:-) xoxo

  5. This is how I am feeling about my garden, too. It needs a lot of tidying, but it's kind of depressing to see everything finishing up for the season. I am going to have to start preparing for more time spent indoors too.

  6. Your pots and tubs always look spectacular, even when they are a little past their best. Most gardeners would be happy to have them even at that stage.

    I think we often try so hard to have the garden looking at its best and then get a little disheartened when it doesn't quite measure up to our expectations. Perhaps our expectations are a little unrealistic?

    People walking along the street in front of my garden often stop and say how wonderful it always looks, but do you know what I notice most of all? I see the weeds, yellow leaves, plants that need deadheading or pruning, and all the gaps that need filling. Rather sad really that I can't see it through other eyes occasionally.

  7. I agree with Alice-that was a very nice thing to say about your gardens..!

  8. Alice, that was a nice thing to say. Thank you.

    It sounds like most of us are having the gardening blahs right now.

  9. Lucy in Amherst, MaSat Aug 26, 07:27:00 PM 2006

    I drive around Amherst, Ma. and see beautiful Black Eye Susan plants, one is least 6'tall,others are so full and bright and beautiful. The one I have in my garden is now 2 years old and was supposed to be at least 3'tall and is maybe 12"tall. What can I do to this plant to make it taller and fuller. When I did water I used fertilizer. This was supposed to be my August "Star" but it just hides behind my bee balm. Should I cut back the leaves that do not seem to me to be that full? We had a lot of rain this July and maybe the lack of sun caused this? Can I hear your green thumb?!?

  10. My elephant ear is also yellowing, leaf by leaf. Yes, we are on the downward side of summer, most definitely. Lovely pictures, by the way!


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