Tuesday, August 15, 2006

OK. I Went Out and Took a Few Pics Before Going to Work....


This is the main entrance to the deck. I have some big sunflowers growing here. They are as tall as I am right now with quite a few buds on them. I think they will be those big reddish/brown flowers. I've never grown them before, so am excited to see what they look like. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hey aren't those like the poinsettias that I had my picture taken with in the Royal Botanical Garden??

  2. Yes, Pea. Only the ones you stood in were HUGE. Lucky for me, mine are staying smaller.

  3. Zoey, I see you have a new profile photo. It looks lovely, but I confess that I will miss the butterfly.

    And by the way, this shot of all the colourful flowers is wonderful!!!


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