Friday, August 11, 2006

Self Critique of my Planters

Remember I was not too happy with the almost-all-foliage planters I did at work?

Well, they have filled out pretty nicely now and I like them much better.

If I could start all over, I would have picked a different coleus as it did not get as large as I expected. It needs to be at least a foot taller. I think it was Karen who suggested a larger-leaved coleus, and I now believe she was correct. I would have used one of those King Coleus.

All in all, though, I am happy with them. I like the foliage contrasts.

My wall planters at home:

So, so. I am not thrilled with them, but I don't hate them either. I LOVE the parrot's beak (the silver foliage sprawling all over). Do you remember when I first planted it, I said I'd love it even if it did not flower? Well, it's a good thing I felt that way because it has not flowered, nor does it appear that it will. The blue salvia in both planters has not performed as well as I would have liked and the sweet potato vine should be a lot bigger - just look at the one I did above at work - it's the same thing - just one plant. The chenile plant is also way too small (the red fuzzy one).


  1. I was the one who told you to cut back the sweet potato vine. It's a good thing you went with your ideas and not mine. You are the queen of container planting. ;-)

  2. Oh, you didn't mention the coleus? Now I wonder who it was!


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