Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here's Something I like Almost as Much as Flowers

I am wearing these today.
Maybe I should start a shoe blog.
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  1. you're such a femme fatale Zoey :)

  2. Awww, with painted puddy toes? You are wearing hose and closed toe shoes??
    You should show those puddy toes off!!

  3. I guess it's time to confess! I'm a "shoeaholic" too!

  4. I find your blog very interesting. I like your perennials and colours in your garden. It looks like we both like strong colours together. You also have a nature beside you like I have here in Finland (North-Europe). Haa, I'm sure your toes love these shoes!

  5. So, tell us, how many pairs of shoes DO you have???? lol

  6. Very cute Zoey, I also love shoes but purses are more my thing.

    For some reason the pictures of your flowers are not showing up for me but I am sure they are lovely.

  7. I love those MaryJanes. I have a thing for letting my toes have space!
    All my shoes have big round toespaces.

    Those are awfully cute!


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