Friday, August 18, 2006

A Summer Day of Gardening

I spent a good part of my day digging all the plants out of this area.

Nothing wants to grow here. I am guessing it's lack of sun, since the soil is probably the best in any area of these gardens.

I am going to turn it into a hosta garden by removing pieces of the dozens of hosta I already own. That's the great thing about having a well-established garden. When you get the urge to redesign, you can just go around digging out things you already have. It's very cost effective.

I have to hook two hoses together to water this area. I am willing to do that now and then if I can get something to grow and look decent.

I also cut down spent lily stems & shasta daisies, and dug out a bunch of pink mallow. Just a lot of general tidying up. I think I had about 3 wheelbarrow loads.

I removed stray Black-eyed Susans like these that seeded themselves too close to other plants.

I have a lot of white phlox blooming right now. I moved a few clumps of that, too.

All in all, I had a busy day outside.

Now I am going to shower, put on my "Green Acres" gown with my Crocs and break open that case of Relax. Then I'm going to grab my camera and go out to the deck to stalk the hummingbirds.


  1. My you sure got a lot done before 3:00 PM...You work fast. I need to get out and cut down some old dead lillie stalks and general tidying up around the yard too.

  2. AIP, I am a morning person. I like to get outside at 6:00 a.m. By 3:00 p.m. I'm pretty much done with any work I plan to do. The nice thing about getting out so early is that the weather is pretty cool.

  3. You've been really busy. I need to channel some of that gardening energy.

  4. Still laughing at the "Green Acres" gown! lol I have two big pine trees where even the grass is dead all around underneath them so next year I want to plant Hostas there...I heard they don't need sun, that they do well in shade so we'll be doing the same thing:-)

  5. Hi -- I've been garden blog-hopping and happened across yours. Your perennial border with the phlox is gorgeous. How many years has it been growing? I have some well-established hostas, but my perennial beds are very sad. What else do you have in there aside from phlox?

  6. Hi Karen,
    Yes, I had a little energy sprut. I hope the spurt continues today. I really need to do some edging.

    Pea, I have planted a hosta garden around my pine trees. I must warn you, they don't grow well under mine. They stay alive, but they are very small. Here is a pic of mine:

    Welcome Phree, This area is about 9 years old.
    Here ia a post about the beginning of this area:
    I can't begin to tell you what all is in there. If you have the urge to dig into the archives, it's all there. I think I have posted about nearly everything as it bloomed.

  7. "to stalk the hummingbirds"



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