Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ducksfoot is not Ducky

I have decided that this 'ducksfoot' coleus on the top is a 'yawn'. On it's own it's dull and boring. I never should have given it top status in this double planter.

To prove my point, just look what happens when I swap it out with the container sitting next to it.

Now that plant is deserving of the top position. This combo makes me "Oh000000000" and "Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".


  1. Oh wowwww, that second container certainly is awesome!! Like you said, what a difference it makes beside the other one!

  2. You know, that duck's foot almost looks like there's something wrong with it! You and I share a love for annuals.
    Have you ever tried Taro in a container? Underplanted with some of that purple sweet potato vine, it's stunning!
    I also like to use fountain grass and annual millet!
    I am a fool for purple!


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