Saturday, August 19, 2006

I've Been to the Farmer's Market

Our local Farmer's Market had a flea market day today.

It's only 9:00 a.m. and I am already back home. The early bird gets the treasures, so I was there at 8 a.m. when it started.

I have two of those large wagon wheels in my garden. I was curious to see the price. They were asking $50 each.

Aren't these tomatoes beautiful? I bought some of the orange ones. I have already forgotten what the vendor told me the name of them was. They are very sweet.

Here's my haul.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I am a magazine junkie. See that box? It's full of magazines - 40 of them. I can now sit in the glider on the deck and read away the afternoon.

Look at those beautiful hard cover vegetable books - just $1 each. Of course, I don't grow vegetables, but who can resist $1 each? LOL.

I bought a little bouquet of fresh sunflowers - $2. I have the floral foam soaking now and will make an arrangement when I post this.

That silver metal thing will be used as a planter (you knew that, didn't you?) - $2.

That little toy thing is a "Twinkie" icon. I collect food advertising icons. Why? Just because it's a thrill to find a new one.

Yellow string beans and red onions round out the purchases. Not a bad haul for a Saturday morning and I spent less than a $20 bill.

Update 9:41 a.m.
Here's the little sunflower bouquet. The yellow statice(that was included) works nicely as filler. All this for two bucks! A few years ago I ordered a sunflower bouquet for my boss and had to pay $4.00 per stem. They considered sunflowers a premium flower.


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  2. If I had been there I would have wrestled you for the twinkie guy and the silver planter.

    Is the inside of your house as lovely as your garden?

  3. I am glad you weren't there, Melissa, because I'm not much of a wrestler. You surely would have won! LOL.
    The inside of my house?'s rather dated and plain.

  4. Wow you cleaned up nicely. I LOVE that metal container and am totally jealous, $2.00!!! What a steal. I am sure you will create something magical in it. Hope to see it again in a future post. TWT

  5. The sunflowers look so cheery! You have some great finds from the flea market. Now I'll be thinking of your food icons whenever we go to yard sales, etc!
    Maybe you should post a picture of all the ones you have!

  6. We would have so much fun together at flea markets. I'm pretty sure you have a coal bucket there. That will be an awesome planter. And the books! I may have one or the other. Will you clip the magazines as you look at them or just save them? I am more of a mag clipper in the winter months. I clip and then don't separate so I have big piles of clippings! ; )

  7. Zoey,
    The metal silver thing is a coal bucket.My grandfather always used one to fill the coal furnace.And yes,I knew you would use it for a planter!!!!
    susie in pittsburgh

  8. I LOVEEEEE flea markets and wish we had some around here...I usually have to travel over 3 hours from here to get to one! Looking at the pictures you took, I can see so many items I would have snapped up...awwww mannnnn!!! The treasures you found today are awesome!! Of course I knew that coal bucket would be used as a flower container!! lol xoxo

  9. Hi Susie in PA, I thought that was a coal bucket, but didn't want to call it that just in case I was wrong. :)

    TWT - I am sure you will see it again though it will probably be painted green.

    Dianne, I will just flip thru the mags, cut out anything I want and toss them. They are mostly decorting magazines. I've already went through about half of them and haven't found anything I want to keep.

    Sue, Maybe this winter I will do a post on my advertising icons. I don't really have that many. I think I've posted before about my advertising cookie jars.

    Pea, I'm surprised that there are no flea markets in your part of Canada. I thought they were everywhere!


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