Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How Did Jamie Lee Curtis Get My Green Acres Gown?

Just look at my profile picture.
It's almost the exact same!

I got quite a kick out of that...even called DH in to concur with my observation.

"Just look at this," I said, pointing to the cover picture.

“Hmmmm”, mumbled DH.
He is a man of few words and does not recognize the significance of what Jamie Lee Curtis has on.

"It's the same as my Green Acres gown.”

“Your what?”

Oh, for gawd sakes, he’s already forgotten. I explain (again) why I call it the Green Acres gown and point to my profile picture. ( In case you are new or missed that post, I call it that because it reminds me of something Lisa would have worn while she did her household chores on Green Acres, just as I wear it all the time while doing my deck chores).

“See, doesn’t this look exactly the same? Don’t you find it amazing that Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing the same gown I’ve had for the past 30 years?”

“Oh… Yea.” and he trots off to his little office/room to read his Wall Street Journal.

It just did not seem to excite him nearly as much as it did me.

Ever since Ms. Curtis posed for MORE in 2002 in an article entitled, “True Thighs”, where she exposed her real body –flaws and all, she has been receiving admiration from the women of America.

She says she does Pilates, yoga, she exercises, eats carefully and still she does not have a perfect bod. Well, maybe she does not have the perfect Hollywood body, but at 47 years old, I think Ms. Curtis looks great!


  1. It so nice to have a dress in common with Jamie Lee Curtis. She's always had a nice shape-her mom was on the thin side. I cheer her on as if I would exercise more I would look a bit more like her. : )

  2. That does look like a very similar dress. Jamie's message about being comfortable in one's own skin is one we should all listen to...
    (of course practicing healthy eating and exercising is all part of that, too)

  3. They just sometimes don`t see the importance in the things we get excited about. Love this post.


  4. Do you think JLC is about to garden? I betcha that's why she has on her Green Acres Smock!!

  5. I bet Jamie Lee reads your blog and she stole that design from you!!

  6. Well, now there's someone who finally understands! I feel pretty sure she did not have hers for 30 years!

    LOL, Pat.

    Sissy, do you think I could market it as the new light-duty garden frock?

    Sue, it sounds like you may have read the same article?

    Tea, WHO can figure out a man??? NOt me, for sure.

    Dianne, The exercise really does do it...but it takes A LOT of exercise...maybe someday I will get back to the gym. And I probably should not be eating this big dish of homemade mac and cheese either.

  7. I've always liked Jamie Lee Curtis...she doesn't seem fake like so many other celebrities out there! Always admired her shape too but it's nice to see that she has flaws like us regular folks!! lol Gosh, her dress sure does look like yours!

  8. She looks great!
    She was probably blogging one day, saw your profile pic, and said, "Man, I gotta get me a dress just like that! Maybe then I'll be as cool as Zoey!"
    Hey, we can dream! :)
    I dress in one just like it to do my container gardening too :)(not).

  9. I LOVED that article she did. It was SO liberating to see under the makeup and mirrors to her full true self.

    And it makes it all the more wonderful that she can look as abso-fantastic as she does.

    Gives even us tomboys a good feeling. That we are just fine as we are.

  10. I totally agree with your comment on JL!
    I picked up this mag. for the first time and am really impressed! So much so I wanted to post about it and here you have done it! (I still may) Yes it is filled with info for us gals over 50! The grey haired ladies inspired me...I am thinking just thinking of throwing away the dyes...but I like being blond the little voice says! I am still thinking! Loved this post!!

  11. Hi Zoie!
    Found another gal who is wearing your fav frock. ;o)

  12. LOL, Sandra. I should have put a patent on that little frock! Kerri, you really should get one. Everyone is wearing it because it's oh, so comfy!

    Pea & Jenn, I agree. I am soooo tired of fake celebs!

    Nautegirl, I really enjoy MORE magazine. I've been getting it since its inception--a few years ago. It is very inspiring to us mature ladies. Can't wait to read what you have to say about it.

  13. I must get a Green Acres gown to do my gardening chores in too!


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