Sunday, August 20, 2006

Look What I Found When Cleaning the Shoe Closet

These backless Nikes.
I didn't even know I had them.
I don't keep casual shoes in this closet. Somehow these must have gotten thrown in and I forgot about them.

I love backless shoes for casual wear, so I was happy to find these. We have a family picnic later this afternoon with DH's family. I may wear these. Posted by Picasa


  1. So many shoes, so little time to track them ;-)
    These are cute and comfy looking!

  2. Those backless nikes are more my speed. The last time I wore heels was about 2 yrs. ago. Makes my feet hurt to think about them.

    Such a pretty butterfly.

  3. I have them on right now and am heading off to the picnic. Hope you both have a great Sunday.

  4. The backless shoe is what I always wear least all this summer that's what I've worn.


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