Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cooking All Day is Really Pretty Overrated

At least when you're only cooking for two people.
It's just too much time and effort.

The turkey looks pretty good.
But why do I really care how nicely browned the skin is?
We don't even eat the skin!

(click on it so you can see how mouth-watering it looks...come on, somebody, click on it....I want somebody besides DH and I to enjoy this labor-intensive meal!)

I used my old, old potato masher today.

Does anyone remember having one like this? How old is it? I am sure the pink/gray color probably gives away the age. I just don't happen to know what era that was.

It's still raining. It's been raining almost nonstop for nearly 27 hours.

I did get the floors scrubbed early this morning. I always like to do whatever I think needs to be done the most, first. So at 6:00 a.m. I scrubbed the floors.

I also did about 3 hours of quilting while watching taped HGTV shows. It's amazing how much I can get done if I can't work outside!

Now I have to go do all the kitchen clean up.
Yup, just too darn much work for two people to eat.


  1. Yum-o! That looks so scrumptious. I also cook turkey breast a few times a year. Haven't made any in the new oven yet. It's not a lot of work if you have great sammies (see my Rachael Ray influences here?)I have a 'Bobbie' last night and for lunch today-it's turkey, stuffing, cranberries and mayo on a hoagie roll-delightful!

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  3. BTW, your potato masher has been painted over the original red! I see it under the pink. I believe they are from the 1930s. I have a 'ricer' it's a round metal piece with holes and a handle. The paint is completely worn off. Also have a pie 'cutter'-what is that called again? LOL

  4. Dianne, that does sound like a good sammie. I will have to have it Monday or Tue after work.

    Hmmm....I see what you mean about the I have to go investigate it further!

    spatula? I just call it pie-cutter, too.

  5. Zoey your turkey looks very good I'm getting hungry for turkey and dressing I have one of those old masher things too but mine is in an old crock with other vintage kitchen items.

    Send us some of that cooler weather it is still hot and humid here.

  6. What time should I be there? Yummy. It doesn't have to be for thanksgiving and xmas now does it? to the grocery store I go. TWT

  7. I cook for 13 people 5 days a week. (I make one of my kids take the other two.) No matter what I cook, it takes too long. We can't afford many convenience foods when we're buying groceries for that many people, so I do a lot of scratch cooking by necessity. When we have mashed potatoes, I cook 10 pounds of potatoes. Sometimes there's some left over, sometimes not. Depends on how hard my boys have been working.

    By the way, have you ever tried one of those oven-cooking bags? It cuts down on the time a 20+ lb. turkey has to be in the oven by quite a bit! I guess technically it's not roasted, but steamed. The meat stays moist and there's plenty of liquid for gravy (to cover ten pounds of mashed potatoes).

  8. OMG, Kathy. I'm beat just reading that! I buy a 5 pound bag of potatoes and it lasts a month. It's amazing how different our lives are.
    I've never tried one of those cooking bags. I don't know why because I have some of them in a drawer. I guess I always forget to use them. I can see how they would certainly save on clean up.

  9. Pat, what state are you in? (I forgot.)

    TWT, I decided today that I am not cooking a turkey for either TG or Christmas. Actually I will be working on Christmas this year, so I won't have to worry about cooking anything. Good!

  10. Kentucky... And I will be waiting for that cool breeze:)

  11. Oh my I want turkey, mashed potatoes and CS butter toffee and creme candy! Tantalizing, one and all!
    I have one of those old patato mashers too. Neat!

  12. zoey. the turkey looks wonderful, wish dad and i could have been there to feast on it but as you know, i had to do that class re-union.

  13. Zoey,
    I betcha your gardens look great after all that rain!!
    Your turkey looks beautiful, you have turkey soup and salad, if there's only two of ya!!

  14. Hey I was all ready to go over to have some of that turkey but I had to put my new computer desk together so darn it, I missed dinner!! It looks mouth watering!! You're right, though, it's really no fun just cooking for 2! My mom has a masher like that and I remember it from when I was a little girl!! Turkey sandwiches tomorrow????? xoxo

  15. I clicked and yep....nothing like a lovely brownded turkey. Perfect job!
    I remember my Mum mentioning that pink and grey was all the rage in the 50`s. Furniture etc. She bought a pink and grey table and chair set and I think a dappled pink and grey couch even.Maybe it`s from then.


  16. Rain and turkey! Sounds good too. We haven't had rain in so long!

  17. Zoey, if you want to see some of my recipes and the quantities involved, go here:
    The first two or three entries are food-related but not recipes, but I think all the rest are recipes. You have to "click for more" to see the actual recipe.

  18. Kathy, I spent a good deal of time at Purdyville today. It just amazes me to see the daily workings of such a large family. I was pretty impressed that even your 6 year old can cook lunch--mac and cheese, wasn't it?

    I even went to a few of your children's have raised some very articulate children.

    Your chocolate sauce recipe is the exact same one I used as a teenager at home.

    For all of you who have not been to Purdyville....go here and check it out. Kathy has 12 (I believe that is correct) children. She and her family members contribute to the blog giving us a slice of life in a very large family. It's very interesting and like I said, so VERY DIFFERENT from my own life with just one grown son.


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