Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hardy Gladiolus Mixture

These long-lasting Hardy Glads bloom earlier than regular Gladiolus. Plus they're winter hardy, so you can leave them in the ground (except in northern areas) to multiply and naturalize in your garden year after year. This mixture of award-winning varieties includes a delightful range of colour patterns. Lovely in borders or cut-flower bouquets, they thrive in full sun to partial shade. Blooms in early summer. Plant 8-10 cm bulbs 3" apart. Grows 24-28" tall. Gladiolus nanus. Zones: 4 - 9-->


Hardy. Leave the bulbs undisturbed, they need mulch in wintertime in colder climates

When I ordered the stinky flower, I also ordered these.
Does anybody have any experience with hardy glads?

Oh, I also ordered these

Receive a standing ovation from your neighbours as you roll out a breathtaking carpet of these colour-saturated Asiatic lilies. Hardy buds atop very strong stems in white, pink, yellow and red are easy to grow and are certain to warm your heart. Flowers are 5-6” across and return year after year, spreading in number and beauty. All they need is a well-drained undisturbed location. Parade these gems in front of a garden border or plant en masse for a phenomenal garden display. Showcase them inside as a glamourous bouquet. Bulb size 14-16cm.

A mass of vivd deep-red colour in a smaller-size lily make this an all-time favourite.

Dianne, aren't these the ones you ordered last year?

I am planning to plant them all across the front of the border you see looking thru this arbor. Right in front of the Sedum Autumn Joy.

When I got up yesterday I checked on Freddy.
He was gone.
When I got home from work, I watered the plants and looked all over to see if he was lying dead someplace.
I did not find him, so I take that as a sign he is alive.

Gotta get to work now.
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, those sure are pretty. Especially compared to the other ones you ordered. (Well, I mean, the others look nice enough...) Hmm, maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead.

    Great choice, Zoey!

  2. The gladiolas are pretty. I have not one, they fell down always when the flowers come.


  3. Wow, what beautiful Gladiolis! I'd love to say I have them in my garden but I don't - although I hope to at some point! Good luck with yours :)

  4. Hee, hee, Karen. You don't like the Viagra Lily? (that's another name I found out they call it). I was out last night walking around looking for the perfect place to plant them. I think it will be in the rockwall garden closer to my wooded lot so no neighbor is close by!

    Sigrun, I think the ones I ordered are shorter, so they shouldn't fall over.

    Hi Vintagepretty,

  5. Actually I planted a bunch of daylilies with a few Asiatic ones at my mom's last year. They all bloomed for her too
    I hope the little froggy is ok.
    I planted some glads for myself, but not the hardy ones. I have to digs them up.

  6. That catalog copy has me confused. In one spot it says white, pink, yellow and red and in another spot it says vivid deep-red. Which are you getting, the mix of colors or all red?

  7. Ah, Kathy, I see where that could be confusing. You can order them in whichever color you want. I ordered all red.

    Dianne, I must be confused, too! I thought you had posted a pic of some all red ones...........just as I typed this, I think it came to ordered red TULIPS not lilies....right?

  8. The red lillies are stunning! Thanks for the update on Freddy! My hub and I had quite the chuckle over that one!!!

  9. You've got me wanting to order bulbs now!! I have to be careful, though, because of the deep frost we get over here so I guess I'd have to order the hardier ones. They truly are stunning and what a pleasure it will be once they're all blooming in your garden next summer!!

  10. It was red tulips which were a nice feast for the deer.

  11. I ordered some of the red lilies last year and they were wonderful when they bloomed. Hopefully they will multiply quickly.

  12. CG, glad to hear you liked yours. I am sure I will love them, too.

  13. Zoey that vivid red lily is what I had growing next to my front door...the previous owners must have planted them as they weren't my own doing...I love them so much though. Plan to share some with the inlaws so they can have some of the wonderful color too. LOL


  14. Hi, I live in southeast AZ. I have look at the lilly's for awhile now and I am wondering if they are rabbit resistant. That is my biggest problem when picking plants.


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