Monday, August 14, 2006

1st Canna Bloom of '06

This is 'Tropicana'


  1. That is a gorgeous color! Wow, I've only seen them in the usual red. This is so pretty!!

  2. You have an amazing colorful blogsite! I have reviewed all posts and love the strong colors that are present..your garden is stunning! We have similar taste in plants chosen and the fact that we LOVE our frogs and name them and care for them!Nice meeting you this way :)

  3. Thank you, Rosa. I have been on an "orange" kick for the past three years.

    Nice meeting you, too, Naturegirl. I have to say, though I did name my frog and try to care for him, I don't actually like frogs...they give me the creeps! I like to look at them from a distance, but I certainly do not want to touch

  4. Zoey,
    I have an orange lilly that looks similar but the leaves are all green.
    Yours is much prettier!

  5. Hi Sue,
    The 'Tropicana''s main draw is its superb foliage. I have to say it's my favorite container plant. I enjoy it from the moment those beautiful leaves unfurl until the first frost -- a good 4 months. The flowers are just a little extra something to appreciate.

  6. It did turn orange after all and what a beautiful canna it is. I have an orange colored watergarden canna in my pool. It was supposed to be red...that's how it was labeled.

  7. You're right about the's striking, and the flower is lovely. I never thought to put them in pots. You certainly have a lovely colorful deck with all the wonderful containers. I can appreciate all the work you do keeping everything looking good! Answering your question of a while back about my plants being shorter this, they're as tall as usual, or taller. A few of the glads are taller than my hubby..he's about 5'8". I've never seen them that tall before!
    Did you ever post a pic of that weed in flower? Maybe I missed it.


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