Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Shoe Clean Up Begins

It rained last night, so it's too wet to do anything outside. I decided to start the shoe clean up.

Whoa! Look at these spikes!
I don't think I can still wear those skinny heels, but (just in case) they stay. You never know when I might need that exact shade of blue. I've been known to suffer through the day in uncomfortable shoes if they just make the outfit and I know it's a day that I won't have to walk much.

How about these animal print high heels? I love them. I haven't worn them lately because I got too fat for the red dress with animal print trim that they matched...(it wasn't gaudy...just a bit of animal trim). I even have a matching animal print purse. I can't bear to part with them yet, so they stay, too. They are actually quite comfortable with the thicker heel.

It's so hard to get rid of any!
But in the end it took me less than an hour and I ended up tossing these 7 pairs. That's about 10%....not bad... It really hurt to part with those gold colored ones. They are a perfect, and I mean perfect match to a silky gold blouse I have. I used to pair them up with that and a black skirt, black hose and black blazer. It's too bad they were so worn. I'm going to miss those shoes.......they were even comfy.

A couple of you asked me if I had purses to match all the shoes.
The answer is no.
I used to change my purse every day to match whatever I wore to work. I don't do that any more. Every now and then I switch, but I usually just carry a black purse now since I wear a lot of black pants. In fact I bought three pant suits three weeks ago that I need to hem today. At 5'1" I have to hem everything.

I only started wearing pants about two years ago. I used to wear a dress every day. Now I hardly ever wear a dress, hence the shoe boots to wear with pants are increasing as the heels disappear.

It's a sign of aging.


  1. At least you can find pantsuits to fit!
    At 6', nothing fits..!
    I can tell you aren't a bartender if you are wearing those to work!

  2. Hey there Zoey. Hold on to those animal print shoes. I was reading the new In Style magazine this week and they say animal prints will be big this season. So there you go, you are fashion forward. TWT

  3. LOL, Sissy. You need a desk job to wear those for sure.

    TWT, you're kidding? I thought they would be out of style since they were in a few years back. See, one should never toss items prematurely! LOL

  4. Holy Cow!!! You DO have a lot of shoes!! lol I can well imagine how hard it was to part with even a few of know what will happen right? You'll get rid of them and THEN find an outfit they would have gone perfectly with!!! lol Hugs!

  5. Hey-I'm an inch and half taller than you!
    Of course when you get rid of 10% you have to hit some of those great end of the summer sales to replace them. ; )

  6. Hello

    did you realy throw away those nice dress shoes into the garbage ?


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