Sunday, August 13, 2006

Morning Glories

growing up the hibiscus tree.
I planted morning glories in this tree about three years ago. They have reseeded themselves ever since.

They looked pretty with the morning light shining through.

I spent a couple of hours early this morning moving hostas to one of the beds near the road. I haven't been able to get much to grow there. It's not very sunny and
I have to hook two hoses together to get water to the bed. So I never water it unless I am transplanting. The lack of water is one reason not much grows. Of course, hostas like a lot of water. I will just have to pray for rain next year. :)


  1. I water a plant when I set it out and MAYBE one more time, but that's it...I never water again. I don't water anything.
    We don't even water the vegetable garden either. I'm guessing that our area gets enough rainfall for plants because they manage to survive, as long as they are planted in the months that have an "R" in them.

    I love your morning glories...that deep purple is beautiful.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with Sandy's watering system! Wish it worked here! What is it about months with "r"?

  3. Everything is looking so pretty Zoey. You do a wonderful job with your gardens and containers.
    That's one BIG frog!
    The canna is going to be gorgeous!
    I'd love to have some Autumn Joy Sedum. Must try to find a nursery that has it.

  4. Your deck is lovely in the morning light. (Hoping Blogger lets me leave this comment.)


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