Monday, August 14, 2006

Very Scary

I am sure you have all heard about the suspected plot to blow up the Mackinac bridge.
That's the bridge I go over all the time.
I just went over it yesterday and I will be going over it again Wednesday.

Very scary when it hits so close to home.


  1. I did read that story! So scary!!
    Do I remember that you posted a story about a park near this bridge not too long ago? Or was that another bridge?
    Here in the SF Bay Area, bridges are always worried about. I think there are seven or eight major ones...

  2. Yes, Sue, you remember correctly.

  3. Yes, very worrying (not that I'd heard the story, of course).

    What a stunning view to see on your way to work each day.

  4. I had heard of this on the news and thought of you right away because I know you go over that bridge all the time!! I'm catching up on all the posts I've missed since I've been usual your flowers are delightful and I laughed when I saw Freddy's Grandpa, he certainly isn't a very pretty one is he!! As for Freddy, I'm glad to hear he's still alive...loved the conversation you and hubby had!! ROFL

  5. That's just a little bit too close to home isn't it?

    I live within a couple of miles from one of the only two storage facilities for chemical weapons in the U.S. and it is HIGHLY GUARDED and has been since 9-11.
    Occasionally, I feel like we live in a Police State because of so many armed guards patroling this fascility...but they're only visible when explosives are being hauled in.

  6. Alice, I don't live near the bridge. It's about 100 miles from me. I just go over it a lot on my weekend jaunts.
    Pea, Nice to have you back. Freddy's grandpa is Ugly with a capital U!.LOL.
    AIP, that's pretty scary, too living so close to that facility. These days you're in danger no matter where you live.


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