Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Rest in Peace, Freddy

About fifteen minutes ago I walked out the sliding door to the deck.

As I closed the door, I hear a "PLOP" noise.

I looked down and there lay Freddy (the tree frog that was living on my deck).


Not a movement from him.

I must have knocked him down when I opened the sliding screen.

I felt so bad.

Farewell, Frederick.

And thank you for not falling down the neck of my shirt as I walked outside.
It may have cushioned your fall, but, I fear, the body with rigamortis setting in would have been mine.

Update: 7:30 p.m.

Praise be to the Reptile Deity - It's a Miracle!

Frederick's Alive!!!

I walked out to peek through the window to see if he was still there. I thought I saw his throat moving up & down (you know like frog throats do). I couldn't believe my eyes, so I went outside. Sure enough it was moving!

I grabbed a shovel and turned him over. His eyes were open! Look, he even moved a short distance.

Oh, for goodness sake, what am I going to do with him NOW?

I felt bad when I thought he died, but now I feel like he's in pain.

I put some water out next to him and that plastic thing for him to crawl under for shelter.

I draw the line at going out to catch bugs to feed a frog! I don't even like frogs.

Oh, good grief, who would have thought I would be a froggie nurse?

Geez, it's a good thing I didn't toss him over the rockwall to become dinner for some other critter in the food chain like I was going to do. Or maybe not such a good thing.............


  1. Oh, this makes me sad.

    Birds that crash into patio doors often look dead but they are just stunned. If you leave them alone they recover. I am not sure it's the same with frogs, though, unfortunately. :(

  2. Yes, it's sad, but, quite frankly, the photo is making me laugh. And not just a little chuckle.

    RIP Frederick. And all you other frogs: never play near sliding doors! And Zoey: beware of the vengeful frogs!

    (still laughing...)

  3. Oh dear. I hope you put him under a bush somewhere, where he can continue the cycle of life...

    Alas, poor Freddy!

  4. Melissa, You are so darn honest! LOL.
    I just came from commenting on your blog. We must have been visiting each other at the same time! I am now afraid to walk out that door without looking up and banging it a little first.

    I thought the maybe he would revive, too. But, alas, it seems Freddy is finished.

    I thought the same - that I should put him out where something could eat him. But, gosh, that sounded so darn...............inhumane, or something.........
    I just left him right where he fell with his funeral flowers next to him.
    I get the creeps everytime I walk past him, though. Hopefully something finds him tonight. If not I will move him tomorrow.

  5. LOL like Melissa, I'm sorry cuz I do feel bad for Freddy, honest....but I can't stop laughing! lololol Oh Zoey, I do so enjoy visiting your blog...I never know what you'll have on it!! lol He just looks so...so...so dead laying there! In hysterics here! lol

  6. Wow this was like a rasing from the dead. I came and read the first post before you updated and was trying to think of something witty to say when the phone rang. I came back and Freddy lives. Praise be indeed to the Reptile
    May he flourish in your garden...

  7. LOL......poor Freddy. I`m glad he`s still alive now. I would probably do something foolish like feed him porrige or something. Once had to squash up worms for baby bird orphans. Yuk. Years later I read that they can have pablum.


  8. LOL, Sue, Now I am the one laughing out loud!
    He's on his own from here on.
    I'm not giving Freddy any sponge baths, that's for sure.

  9. oh my heck! this post is hilarious! poor Freddy.

  10. I can't stop laughing about your post and then reading the comments was hilarious!
    I hope that you stuck him out under some little bush where he can continue to catch bugs to eat. You must have just knocked him out...good thing you didn't have to give him mouth to mouth. *LOL*

    My SIL's son slammed the slider shut on his sister's cat...no reviving that little thing. Sliders are deadly. You need to put a warning to animals on it...those darn crows like to play games with the sliders to. Be careful.

  11. I don't know Zoey....Those back legs look kinda weird, now.
    I have a question-did you put those flowers next to his ailing body in memoriam or is it another one of your groupings, to bring out the yellow in the frog's complexion??!!

  12. We often have frogs in our vacation house in the Philippines only at nights & they're gone in the morning. So, i never had an experience like you had...but i really don't know why frogs love to go inside our houses. Don't they know its dangerous???

  13. Love your blog~

    The frogs out here will 'play dead' when they're hurt~ they kind of pass out for a while, and slowly revive.
    Glad to hear Fred got his second chance~

  14. Freddy is risen! Wow. A frog with a concussion. Who wouldathunk?

    I bet he had great dreams while he was knocked out.

    Now, you know after an injury like that, that frog's are very prone to becoming obsessed with the first person they see and get a relentless desire to kiss that person. Just warning you.

    This story just keeps getting better though I admit I can go into a whole new set of giggles just by looking at the fake-dead photo.

  15. He's like a cat with 9 lives. Guess the fall stunned the little guy. The scent of the marigold must have revived him-lol Let DH put him back up in the tree. : )

  16. Ya'll are a scream. I've got tears running down my face...not from sadness but from ...well laughing. Thanks

  17. I love those photos--what would we do now without digital cameras? Hope Freddy recovers fully.

  18. Well geez we almost had a funeral here for the darn frog and now he's ALIVE??? Sheesh!!! Oh sure and now you'll let him starve to death and he'll be dead again...I can't keep a straight face anymore!! lololololololol

  19. Oh, I'm glad Freddy was only stunned. Sure your post and the comments are funny, but I feel for that frog, really! (And technically, it would probably be the Amphibian Deity you'd want to thank for Freddy's recovery. I know that's who I'm thanking. ;-)

  20. Interseting you mention that, Karen. I googled it before posting because I was not sure and I found that they called frogs reptile/amphibian, so I figured that were are a reptile first, then they fall into the amphibian category. ????????????
    I did not investigate for too long. Now I want to know positively!! LOL.


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