Sunday, August 20, 2006

After Years of Trying

I FINALLY got a good picture of a hummer!
This feisty little lady was actually fighting with a Monarch and a Hummingbird Moth. Posted by Picasa

This is a hummingbird moth

It's often confused with a hummingbird, hence the name.

Frontal View


  1. Great! You are lucky to get such a photo. In this year I only found some butterflys on my budleja, but not this one.


  2. Excellent! How long did it take you to catch the little hummer? Were you posed with your camera for a while? Love it!

  3. I was at the kitchen sink and I looked out and saw lots of butterflies and a hummer.

    I ran to get the camera.

    The buddleia was just a flutter with activity. The hummer flew within 6 inches of my face. He stuck around for a long time and I just kept clicking. I wasn't sure what I would get because I didn't really have much time to spend focusing.

    I actually took a total of 47 pictures, about 8 of those were of the hummer. Or what I thought was the hummer. Half the time there was nothing there as he moved before the click.

    I had such fun!

    Now I'm on a mission to get the butterflies in flight. I got a couple today, but nothing great.

    Right now I'm off to the family picnic so no more hummers pics today.

  4. EXCELLENT photo of the hummingbird moth. That's great!

    Hummers are so cute. *squee*

  5. I have a hummingbird feeder right in front of my kitchen window and the hummers are forever there...once I get my camera, though, they disappear...I swear it's a conspiracy!! lol GREATTTT pictures you go...I had never seen a hummingbird moth, in fact never heard of that!! How interesting!!!

  6. Zoey,
    those h-birds can be a pain! I had one that was so aggressive that he attacked me every time I came out of the back door!

  7. I haven't even seen a hummer this year. Too stormy and too hot here this year. You got a good picture of one.

  8. Great pictures! Those humming birds are tricky little guys to get pics of.

  9. I absolutely love this pics what a good eye you have...

  10. Perfect! I bet that took a lot of patience. And holy shoes! But they`re fun aren`t they :)


  11. I have never seen a hummingbird moth. I bought my husband in for a peek too! They don't go near the feeders do they?

  12. HI Sue, Fancy meeting you here --at exactly the same time I'm checking in. I don't know if they go near the feeders because I don't have any feeders. :)


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