Saturday, August 12, 2006

Did you see Freddy?

The first thing I asked DH after he moved the deck items was, "Did you see Freddy?"
"No," he mumbled as he scurried past me carrying the big tall ladder.

I feel pretty sure that Freddy survived, but there is always the possibility that (left injured in the dark), he became a midnight snack for some predator.

After washing the deck windows, I was headed back inside when I spotted him........

"Do you think it's Freddy?" I asked DH.

"No. Freddy was bigger." He's judging by the blog pictures.

"I don't know."
I am questioning the color though. Freddy was greener, but these frogs change color depending where they are living. I've found them behind the deck wall containers in almost a pure white color (because they are against white siding). Freddy may have been living against the siding for the past two days.

"Don't scare him," I said. "I have to run and get my camera."

I'm back in a flash squatting down to get a mug shot.

Then I stand up and nudge him very gently with my foot.

"What are you doing?"
I think DH is questioning my treatment of the suspect.

"I want to see him jump. Freddy's leg is injured."

"Look!" I am actually excited. "It IS Freddy! He's jumping weird, like he has a bad leg."

"I guess so," says DH as he watches Freddy hobbly hop about 3 feet over and climp up on a deck ornament.
"He probably thinks this big guy will protect him from you."

Funny, DH. Very funny.


  1. Thank goodness Freddy is alive and doing well.

  2. zoey i'm so glad that Freddie is still living. I did here that toads sometimes play like they are dead.

  3. Good on ya Freddie! He's a survivor! I'm so happy to see the little guy is OK :) I think DH has a good point about the big guy providing protection...


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