Monday, June 5, 2006

I got home Saturday Afternoon

and my iris's had begun to open


  1. What heavenly colours. Your whole garden looks so lush and beautiful.

  2. The colours are certainly gorgeous...mine are just about ready to open so can't wait!! I just have a couple of the plants, though, in my front flowerbed but plan on getting lots more.

  3. Your gardens are looking absolutely glorious. Love those iris and forgot to say I think the pink one in the post below is wonderful. What a beautiful soft pink and lilac combination it is. I like the size too.
    I have some later iris just budding.
    What's the purple groundcover? Is it bugleweed?

  4. Thanks, ladies.
    This time of the year I have almost nothing but purple.

    Yes, Kerri, that is bugleweed (ajuga). I really like ajuga. Even when not in flower, I like the purplish foliage.


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