Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Whiskey Barrel Planter

Here is this year's combo:

I have Tropicana cannas in the back which should grow 3+ feet tall and have wide richly-colored striped leaves. If you click to make the pic larger, you can see the cannas beginning. They will have bright orange flowers. The canna is the focal point of the barrel -- or will (hopefully) be at some point. The pot of orangey marigolds is just temporary. It will be removed when the cannas begin to fulfill their duties.

I have used Spilanthes (also called eyeball, peek a boo, or toothache plant) in front of the tall yellow daisies. Off to the left side is the bright yellow cascading 'biden' flowers. In the front I have the 'parrot's beak' which will also have orange flowers and a blackish ipomea. I hope to have what the garden designer's are currently calling a "sophisticated" color scheme.

I call it "using what you have (the big cannas) to frugally fill a whiskey barrel".


  1. Love the color combo of orange and burgundy! I have a lot of orange in my gardens this year too. Nice job!

  2. It's gorgeous Zoey and can just imagine what it's going to look like once everything is completely in bloom. I've always admired plants growing in whiskey barrels and I'm often tempted to buy one and see what I can do with it...I'll have to ask your expert advise if I do:-)


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