Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blooming Sage

It's still a little dark on the deck, so please excuse the poor quality of the picture.

Remember this herb pot that I planted last year and left out all winter? I didn't even realize the sage was perennial. This year it came back and surprised me with these lovely blooms. Now even if I never use it to make chickn saltimbocca (the reason I planted it in the first place) it has been worthwhile.


  1. Don't you love surprises like that? lol I love sage but had never seen it grow before and didn't realize it had such pretty little flowers on it!! Very nice!!

  2. Only my pal Zoey would take photos at the crack of dawn. ; )
    I have sage too and it tends to get leggy, but it's a pretty plant.
    I'll pass on your well wishes to Sean. He's to tell me when something good comes in as they sell 'lots' of junk, I mean stuff.

  3. I have sage in the front garden that I never use but I leave it in there because I love the smell of it when I am weeding and rub against it. Beats the smell off cat droppings.


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