Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Weed Saga Continues

I think I found another of the same weed like the one with the big fat horseradish-looking root.
Thank you all for helping me to identify it. I am going to let this one flower so I can find out for sure what it is.

Annie in Austin and Sandy thought it might be comfrey. I goggled it and it does not seem to be that one. Sandy also suggested centaura, which I have in another area and went out and compared the foilage. Quite similar but not the same.

I am inclined to think that Kathy might have something with her suggestion that it is a relative of evening primrose . . . Oenothera genus. If little yellow flowers appear, we might have it identified.

I know you will all be waiting with bated breath to see the bloom.

The specimen on the left is the new one in my garden. On the right is a primrose I nabbed off google images.


  1. I'm not sure about the primrose id. I have this up in pots (because they spread something fierce, otherwise) and the roots don't get that thick.

    They are a lovely sparkle when they bloom, though, and I value them. They are blooming here now, so if you do have one, it should bloom soon, you are maybe a week behind me...

  2. Jenn,
    I am wondering if that might have been some sort of mutant root as I don't recall pulling anything so huge in previous years.
    I must say, I am stumped at the moment.

  3. Maybe birds dropped the seeds in your garden from somewhere else.

  4. Ah, Dianne, I hadn't really thought of that, but it certainly could be.
    But I do think this picture is the same thing even though it looks different. The lighting was not the best when I took it.

  5. Zoey, I think Kathy has the ID right. I have what I think is the same weed. I'll take a picture and post it, if the sun ever comes out again here in NY! Ocasionally I miss one until it's big and blooming and that's IT in your picture on the right, with the yellow flower. And it IS, related to evening primrose, but it's wild and much bigger and taller than the cultivated one found in gardens. I have the tame one (also known as Missouri primrose) and it spreads like crazy, but it's bright and pretty.
    I'm going to go out and pull one of those weeds and look at the root!


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