Thursday, June 8, 2006

Make the Type Bigger

To make the type bigger when reading blogs (or anything else for that matter) hold down the "Ctl" key and put your finger on the wheel in the center of your your mouse. You can make the print bigger or smaller depending on which direction you push the wheel.

Of course, you must have a mouse with the wheel in the center to do this.


  1. Glory be, isn't that just the handiest hint in a long time. I know that computers can do heaps more than we'll ever learn to do, but it's so good just to learn these little tips along the way.

    Thank you for helping my aging eyes, too.

  2. I switched templates because I could not read my own typing on the other...I used to have a template just like Pea's Corner till I switched to my current one...thanks for the hint!

  3. You mean I don't have to squint anymore??? lol Great tip!!

  4. Wow that was a trip! It wouldn't work at first and then it got really big and then really tiny.

  5. What a great tip zoey. It really works.

  6. Thanks, Zoey. My aging eyes needed this tip!


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