Friday, June 30, 2006

Please Don't Eat the Zinnias

Come on bugs -- I grew them from seed and they were doing so well............ I could just cry.
Do you think it's the Japanese beetle?

Look at this butterfly bush.

Holes all over the place.
I saw a shiny greenish bug, but when I went to get closer to get a pic, I couldn't find the little varmit.
Here's a view from the underside.

We've had very little rain, but the phlox is already full of mildew.
Astute readers will notice that the deer have eaten all the tops off, too.

Anybody else out there getting discouraged?


  1. Looks like Japanese beetles are enjoying your zinnias and butterfly bush. I am seeing them around. With my big circle of zinnias, they can munch away because I planted so many of them. I noticed a hole eaten right through a new peach rosebud I planted this year. I was at my mom's today and the mosquitoes are so big they wink at you before taking a bite! I so dislike this time of year sometimes because of them.

  2. I think this damage is definitely caused by Japanese beetles. Keep your head up and don't let them discourage you. After a few weeks the beetles will be gone, at least for a year.

  3. It does get very discouraging when you take so much time and effort to plant things and the bugs get at them. Something's been eating at some of our leaves too...sighhh!

  4. I'm out slogging in the heat and humidity adding more to my borders.

    The extents of your garden beds never cease to amaze me.

    An easy solution to try on mildew is a bit of milk in water, spray on the leaves. I don't know the proportion, but I know you don't need much. Don't ask me how it works either... I don't buy milk, I'm going to try a yogurt solution on my roses. We'll see how that goes.


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