Thursday, June 22, 2006

Put on the sunglasses

before you look at the new outdoor dinnerware I just bought

Red and orange --
Wow, those will put a tingle in your retina!

I couldn't resist the home dec fabric. I think it will be perfect for the tablecloth.

I envision a floral centerpiece using lots of clustered bellflower and just a few orange lillies-- ah yes, that will be just the finishing touch.

I am going to have loads of fun with this tablescape!


  1. Wait...had to put on my sunglasses!! hehe Just teasing, I LOVE your new outdoor dinnerware and I have some very similar. I always say "the brighter the better" when it comes to outdoor dishes:-) You must take a picture when you have it all set up!!

  2. Zoey,
    I always love your tablescapes! Do you ever watch "Keep it Simple with Sandra Lee"? She has cute ideas, but she is a little "too sweetsy" to watch for very long!

  3. WHOA!

    Look out, sun, you've got competition!

  4. zoey, I will be over to eat off your new dinnerwear. Looks pretty. Mom

  5. Nice bright colors. Looks like poppies and marigolds together in the garden. I like it.


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