Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One of the More Beautiful


It's called Hawkweed.
It is also known as Devil's Paintbrush and probably many other names.
Isn't it beautiful in macro mode?

Dianne asked what I did with these beauties after I photographed them.
I yanked them out by the roots as fast as I could and tossed those babies far over the rockwall. Beautiful as they are, they are still weeds and I surely don't want them setting and dropping seeds all over my garden!


  1. Your weeds are very photogenic :-)
    We have wine barrels everywhere since we're right on the edge of the Napa Valley. I have many in my yard!
    None quite this nicely planted, though!

  2. So lovely! If you're going to have weeds, make 'em pretty! I love the colours in the top pictures.

  3. Awesome! I've never seen this particular weed before. What did you do with it after you photographed it? ; )

  4. I've always found that some weeds have nicer flowers than actual flower plants! lol

  5. Yep. Love the hawkweed, but it spreads like wildfire, both from root and from seed.

  6. Did I really need to ask? I feel the same way about Creeping Charlie and plantain-they are both driving me crazy this year!


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