Friday, June 16, 2006

"The House Always Wins"

But maybe, just maybe, not tonight.

After work today we are off to indulge in some unwholesome, shady activities. DH and I are off on a little gambling trip.

When I return I hope to be "In the Money"!

Or at least have some money left.

I am hoping that it rains like crazy while I'm gone.

See ya'll on Sunday. (I'm watching way too much Paula Deen)


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  2. Not a thang in the world wrong with Miss Paula Deen...I love her!!
    I keep my Hubby away from the gambling places...but ya'll go on an have a great time!!

  3. Hey, have fun. Are you going to the big casino that advertises down here? Soaring Eagle, or some such?

    You'll have to give a review of the evening's audio entertainment. They bring in an eclectic assortment of acts, most of them fairly retro. Should be interesting...

  4. We have a casino only 15 minutes away from here but I only go a couple times a year with friends. I also love to go to the casino in Niagara Falls and the one on the New York side at least once a year. A friend and I drove from Ontario to Atlantic City a few years ago and we so enjoyed the Boardwalk and all the famous casinos...unfortunately they kept all my money!! lol Hope you have better luck!!! Have fun:-)


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