Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heliotrope Wall Planter

It's such a pleasure when I plant something that does exactly what I expected it to do.

So far the parrot's beak (Lotus berthelotii)in this wall planter has spilled out in the exact feathery fashion I wanted. The contrast of this light foliage with the dark heavy heliotrope is just perfect.

There is no sign of bloom yet, but even without the flowers, this plant is a winner.


  1. Oh how very lovely!! Love the way the parrot's beak is spilling out over the planter. I've never planted that before but I love the feathery effect of the leaves.

  2. Very pretty! Yes, i love the silvery color of the leaves...

  3. Awesome! Love any plants that grow the way you want them to.

  4. I love this!
    All your posts are so interesting. Wish I had time to comment on all.
    I was very interested to read about the beginnings of your large borders and all the gardens. Wow, how do you keep up with it? You sure did a lot of digging in the rockwall garden and the other wide border. You're a worker!
    The campanulas are looking lovely, especially the clustered bellflower. I have the dwarf and a wild harebell that I dug up beside the road. Had the canterbury bells once but they died after one season. I agree, the plant didn't thrill me either and it fell over much too easily (even with staking).
    Your butterfly pics are gorgeous.


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