Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Blue Iris is Purple

So what's new? Boy, I just hate it when they sell me "blue" and it's as purple as can be! Does this look blue to you?

It's partially my own fault.

I've been gardening long enough to know that there are very few true blue flowers, yet I still fall for their less-than-honest selling tactics.

I planted this iris two years ago and this is the first bloom. It almost always takes two years for a new iris to bloom in my garden. Yet some of you get beautiful flowers the next year (I'm thinking of Dianne's beauties she just planted last fall).

What's your secret?


  1. Gee what did I do to make my irises bloom the first year after they were planted--not plant the rhizomes too deeply, water them all the time, give them some Miracle Gro once in awhile, and give them a space of their own. They are in pretty much full sun too.

  2. Interesting thought...why there are so few blue flowers? Even fruits...blueberries aren't very blue. Not to be a total science geek, but I think this wavelength of light that insects and animals don't see well. So there couldn't be blue flowers since they wouldn't attract pollinators.

  3. Dianne, that's pretty much the same thing I do, except for the miracle gro.

    Nelumbo, welcome. That's an interesting theory.

  4. I also thought my irises were supposed to be blue...the first year they bloomed I was shocked because they looked pure black!! They're starting to bloom again now (will take picture today) and it's only in certain light that they look a deep dark purple, otherwise they look black!


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