Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beginning of the Rockwall Garden

The rockwall garden is my oldest at 14 years. It took 3 years to dig it all, with me doing most for the first two years. Once DH really got into helping in the third year, he finished it.

Almost all of the big boulders you see in this area, were pulled from below the soil. A few like this giant boulder were already on top.

It was very hard work, but also very exciting to keep unearthing those big rocks.
I believe this area must have been the dumping ground from the excavation of the basement.

Once the digging was done, the area needed a backdrop. A neighbor was digging a drainfield and DH and my son hauled many pickup loads of rock from his yard to ours to make the wall.

The large pine trees in front have all been removed during the past three years. There were five of them. So this once nearly all shaded area, has been opened to the sun, which forced me to make a lot of changes in plant material.

I like it much better without the trees. I campaigned for over 10 years before DH agreed to have them cut down!


  1. I really love your rock wall. I'm a rock girl, having hauled thousands by hand to my garden. Yours, on the other hand, would require some major muscle!

  2. I can't believe the size of those rocks. You must have strong biceps!
    I agree, some places look nice with trees others don't. I have a few chestnut trees that are also dirty trees and I am campaigning for their removal. They are right in the line to the drainfield for our septic tank, so maybe I'll get lucky soon enough if we have any septic problems.

  3. I love it when people use what's around them (like your rocks) to beautify their area...the rock wall looks great and so very natural. Love the way you've got everything set up!


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