Monday, June 26, 2006

Accidental Design Success


Yesterday I looked at this pot of foliage and noticed the dark reddish-brown stripe of color in the canna leaves. It's a perfect match to the top leaf of the coleus and also the stem of the dahlia.

That made me very happy. (it sure doesn't take much, does it? LOL)

I have already forgotten what color the flowers will be if it blooms. Even if it does not, I like the combination of just foliage.

I will be leaving for Detroit this afternoon. It is my yearly meeting there. I usually hate to go, but today I am looking forward to leaving work about 1 pm and heading down. It's close to a 5-hr drive and the boss is driving, not me.

If we can sneak out early on Tuesday afternoon (as we have been known to do) maybe I can get him to stop at a nursery. I have not been able to find purple fountain grass this year and I would really like some.

I won't be back on line until Wednesday.

I am sure DH will do a good job of taking care of my babies while I am gone.
Hopefully we get a lot of rain.

You all be good and post a lot so I have tons to read when I get home! Posted by Picasa


  1. Have a safe trip and we'll miss your posts while you're gone!! Hurry back!!!!

  2. Have a safe will be missed until your return!!

  3. I echo the above comments! I hope you get to stop somewhere to look for your fountain grass.

  4. Be safe!

    And be careful what you wish for, the DC region when from a 6 inch deficit to a 5 inch surplus in three days, and it is still raining.....

  5. Good luck at the nursery! :-))



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