Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's Blooming Tonight

Here it is the end of the week already and I have not even looked at the gardens until tonight.

I see the orange ditch lillies and the pink mallow are bursting forth. It looks like a bumper crop of the lillies this year.

Here's a few shots of the new bloomers I found this week.

Lysimachia punctata 'Alexander'
Yellow Loosestrife


  1. Don't you wish the flowers would stay in bloom all year long?? They are all so gorgeous and I love the colours. I only have one lily plant but I've written down the names of the ones you mentioned so next year I'll look for those.

  2. Zoey, the Lysimacia Alexander I have also in my garden. And your daylillyphotos are great!


  3. It would be nice if they bloomed a little longer, that's for sure, Pea.

    Thanks, Sigrun. I am heading over to see what's blooming in your part of the world right now.


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