Friday, June 30, 2006

More Reliable Bloomers

Orange Pixie lilies.
These are one of my most reliable lilies. They are short little spreaders and have multiplied nicely in the six/seven years that I have had them. I really don't have much luck with other Lily bulbs multiplying.

Remember the bellflower I showed us last week? Here is the whole plant. They bloom from the top and slowly down the entire stem. Very nice compact little plant.


  1. Every time I see pictures of your garden, I wish I could walk through it to admire all those beautiful flowers!! The bellflowers are gorgeous!

  2. Very lovely flowers. Isn't this a great time of year? Many people say they like spring, but I always think my garden looks best at the begining of summer b/c it seems everything is in bloom then.

  3. I am green with "garden envy"

  4. Thank you, Pea. I love blogs because they give me the chance to "walk" thru gardens that I would never have known about.

    Hanna, I love spring in my garden. I think I like it best, but the month of July is a close second. Everything is blooming about a week early this year. It will look good for about three weeks and then go back into an "ugly" mode...such is gardening.

    Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. I love those orange pixie lillies.
    Sue sent me...she thought you might know the name of a tree/plant or maybe weed that I have posted today on my blog. Do you think that you could take a peek at it? I sure would appreciate it!


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