Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chenille Plant

This is the first year I have tried to grow the Chenille Plant. I am hoping it spreads fast and furious now that the warm weather is here. This is in a wall planter so there is plenty of room for it to flow down in beautiful red fuzzy tails.

Since we have had no rain for two weeks everything is looking dull and parched. The only thing I could find to take a picture of was my shadow.

Little did I know that DH was in the bathroom window watching me with my arms above my head dancing about with my camera held in the air.

He said he was about to call mental health because there was a crazy woman in his backyard. LOL.

Ya gotta have a little fun now and then.


  1. Too funny and I love that chenille plant. Haven't seen those here...

  2. You've gotta have fun! I just ran across a blog where you do a self-portrait every Tuesday and send them the link (Self-portrait Tuesday!!)-this is a good one to submit.
    I've had the chenille plant before and I believe it did well with some TLC.

  3. YAY! Everybody needs to dance once in a while. Good for the soul.

  4. Another plant I've never heard of before!!! It's gorgeous!! Doesn't it figure, every time you try to have fun, someone is watching?? lol

  5. LOL I was laughing so hard at your shadow.

  6. Girls just wanna have fun :)
    You've got me laughing tonight Zoey :)
    I'll have to find that chenille plant. It's pretty. Looks great with the other plants too. What's the two-toned (purple and pink leaf) plant?


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