Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stash Buster Quilt

Remember this quilt I finished piecing in spring '05?

I am finally getting around to quilting it.

I used a 100% cotton batting for the first time and I don't like it at all. The backing sticks to the batting and forms wrinkles and creases. With the poly I usually use, it's very easy to run your hand over, pull and get rid of the wrinkles--the backing fabric slides easily.

It's a Mountain Mist batting that I bought years ago and never used. Maybe it's defective or something.

I've decided not to waste much time on this one and am doing a combination of quilting and tying. Only the plain blocks are getting quilted with interlocking circles. I think there are 16 of these blocks. The remainder will be tied.

I've found the dining room table works great for tying.


  1. I've always admired people who can's not something I've ever attempted to do, seems like a lot of work!! This one will look beautiful once you're done!

  2. You are hand quilting it? You are doing a great job. I actually prefer cotton because I like that the fabric sticks to the batting - hopefully where it belongs, but I baste a lot, and machine quilt.

  3. Glad you are finishing it up as it's really pretty.
    I like to get the UFOs out and try to do the same as you are doing now so I can start something new.

  4. It's a lot of work, Pea, but a fun way to pass the long winters.

    Shelina, welcome. Yes, I hand quilt. I know most people prefer the cotton, but so far I am not one of them. :)

    Exactly, Dianne. I am itching to start a new one and I have two to be quilted.

  5. I hope the batting is bonded, Zoey. Cotton usually needs close quilting or it will shift and bunch up when washed. Also, cotton batting shrinks so the quilt will pucker up when it's washed. I tested it on some potholders and I love the look of it but you may not. Anyway, maybe you already know all this or maybe the batting is different from my quilting days. I haven't quilted in years.

    I love the old-fashioned look of your quilt, BTW!


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