Saturday, June 10, 2006

Take a Vacation While You're in Blogland

"How?" you ask.

Go visit Pea's blog.

She has posted the most wonderful slideshow of Niagra Falls.

I've never been there, but I feel like I have now that I've seen her slideshow.

Thanks so much, Pea, for sharing that with all of us.


  1. What a lovely surprise...thank you so much Zoey!! I love Niagara Falls and I try to go at least twice a's a little over a 6 hour drive from where I live. The falls are an amazing sight and you have to be standing by them to realize just how awesome they really are. If you are on the American side, you can cross a bridge onto Goat Island and you can then walk up to a railing that overlooks the very top of the American Falls and see the water crashing down!! I'm planning another trip there this summer so will make sure I take plenty of pictures to share with my blog friends again:-) Thank you again Zoey for mentioning me!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Ah, Pea, so that is how you got that top of the American falls picture! I was so afraid the boat had gone right out to the edge!

    Hope you have a great weekend, too.

  3. This is a great post!!
    Now we need someone to post Hawiian pictures...I would just love to go there!

  4. I loved Pea's Niagra Falls post too. Zoey, I must admit I've popped in to your site. I just don't know enough about flowers to comment intelligently. I know your gardens are among the most magnificent that I see posted in a blog.
    I am in awe....

  5. Tammy, Why don't you and I volunteer to go to Hawaii and when we get back we promise to post a slide show? Of course everyone can chip in to send us there -- LOL. Do you know how to post a slideshow? I don't.

    Hi Sue,
    My goodness thank you for the nice compliment! I think you have commented before. I know I see your picture on many of the blogs I visit, so we have similar tastes.

  6. Hey, wait a minute, I want to go to Hawaii too.....

  7. Judypatooote, do you know how to post a slideshow? If so, you can go with us :)


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