Friday, June 9, 2006

Osteospermum 'Orange Symphony'

I love this orange daisy with the violet-blue eye. It's a prolific producer of blooms and is a Proven Winner. However, it has one annoying little habit that is really beginning to bug me.

It closes up whenever there is an overcast day or the sun moves direction.

Interestingly that was never mentioned in any of the glowing Proven Winner information.

For those new to gardening who are unaware of Proven Winners, I went to their site and gathered a bit of info for you:

The goals of Proven Winners are to introduce the best, most unique, high performing plants, to produce them under the highest quality standards, and to market the plants innovatively. Proven Winners plants are unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth habit, disease resistance, and garden performance.

No other plant line goes through the same rigorous plant selection process, which takes 2-3 years and occurs at facilities in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at trial stations in Europe, South Africa, and Japan. Every Proven Winners variety is protected by U.S. and Canadian patents. What also separates Proven Winners is its viral control process, which is second to none.

Besides producing better flowering plants, Proven Winners is also credited with creating the "container gardening" craze, and making new plant genera known. Most consumers had never heard of Bacopa, Nemesia, Verbena, etc. until Proven Winners introduced these varieties.


  1. What a beautiful arrangement...I had never seen orange daisies with violet-blue eyes before!! Thank you so much for letting us know about Proven Winner...I'll check them out for sure!! Have a wonderful day Zoey:-)

  2. Do you know anything about coleus? If you would take a look at my site mine are in trouble I'm thinking and I don't know what to do.

  3. I actually think it looks prettier half closed - nicer colour. But you shouldn't be disappointed, Zoey, ... you can pretend that you have two different plants, depending on the weather.

  4. I think they look good open or closed. It's like getting two plants for the price of one.

  5. I had the purple ones in a container last year. It has so many good qualities that the 'annoying habit' didn't really bother me. Of course, we had tons of sun last year (unlike the weather these past 2 weeks, which has been horrible!!)
    I tried nemesia last year too. It's delicate and pretty but gets tall and leggy later in the season. Maybe I should've cut it back.
    Thanks for researching the Proven Winners. I've enjoyed all that I've tried so far. I've had some wonderful baskets of double petunias.
    That purple millionbells is gorgeous.

  6. I think of this as a charming feature... It gives the osteospermum its personality... It is cheery and awake on sunny days, and prefers to just "stay in bed" and sleep on overcast days.


  7. This plant often dies if the soil is too heavy and mine ahd terrible problems with mildew. It's a nice colour though. Have you seen the website.


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