Saturday, June 24, 2006

Still Removing Thugs

This area is at the very end of one of the long beds. It had the white-flowering sedum and the spurge that is so invasive. I have decided to get rid of it all.

I don't know what I will end up planting in this almost total shade area.

Any ideas?

It also is too far away to get any additional water. So I need something that is drought tolerant.


  1. Do you have lots of lilies? They love the heat and their are some fantastic color varieties.
    What do you do with the discarded plants? Compost them?

  2. Dianne, are you thinking daylillies?
    I don't think it gets enough sun for them. I planted red ones a few feet behind and they didn't do a thing. After two years I removed them.
    Yes, I throw the plants on a big pile at the edge of the woods. Not much sun there either so it takes forever for them to break down. There is no way to get water to the pile and I don't bother turning it (I should say "them" as I have many of those piles).

  3. Zoey, I did a search on google for drought resistant plants/flowers and I found one site that names quite a few....

    It will give you an idea...they say these plants only need watering occasionaly. Hope this helps!!

  4. Pea, how kind of you to do that for me. Thank you so much. I will go check it out.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Japanese Anemone - fall blooming, loverly foliage, likes shade...

    I don't think they need a lot of water.

    I don't supplemental water mine (unless it's last year and the drought makes it an imperative) and they do fine. But I am on low-lying land that holds water. Not *quite* a bog...

    Take a look at them, they are certainly worth a try. My fav is Honorine Jobert.

  6. Jen, I looked up the Honorine JObert. It is beautiful. However when I see this:
    Family: Ranunculaceae
    I get a little scared. It spreads by underground rhizomes (as did everything I just dug out).
    Have you found that it takes over the world, or not quite so aggressive?


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