Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dining Al fresco

I am all alone tonight.
It is a beautiful warm (but not HOT) evening.
I decided to enjoy the moment and dine outside.

I threw one of my vintage tablecloths on this small table.
Since I just finished a bottle of the Relax wine, I used the pretty cobalt blue bottle to hold my last peonies.
With my collection of dishes, it was easy to find a perfect match.
I made a nice salad with grapes and poppyseed dressing and sat here and enjoyed every bite.

I do not usually enjoy eating outside because I don't like to fight the bugs for each bite.

Tonight I ate the entire salad without being bothered once by a bug.

I must do this more often.


  1. You had me at cobalt blue! Very nice dinner setting. : )

  2. Beautiful table...and the salad looks so yummy...wish I could come over!!

  3. Like you, I don't often sit outside to eat because of the bugs but I'm glad they didn't bother you this time!! Such a serene and peaceful looking scene...love your dishes!!

  4. How beautiful! Wish i was there!

  5. Zoey, you aren't alone...we're here with you! How lovely. Love that cobalt blue. I'm a blue person.
    The table looks delectable and so does the salad. Geez, you could've saved some wine for the rest of us! Next time let us know in advance please....give us time to get there :)
    Glad you had a bug-free evening. Yes, definitely do it more often.

  6. How relaxing but where is my glass of wine? I love sitting on my deck or out in the yard in the morning having my coffee. Gives me a chance to enjoy my garden.

  7. I've been enjoying your blog and this post really caught my eye. What a lovely setting, and I love cobalt blue too. It reminded me of a picture I took in Alaska so I posted about it and linked to your post. Hope you don't mind!


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