Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I find hens and chicks difficult to place in a garden.
They tend to get lost among the other plants.
When I brought this piece of driftwood in to the garden last year, I decided to throw a clump of sempervivum in the top crevice.
Every time I walk by I now appreciate the plant because it is at a level high enough to be seen.

It survived the winter with no problem.


  1. Great focal point for the Hens and Chicks. I actually have some in a bowl this year. I had a photo of it last week and it looks good.

  2. Cool...I love hens and chicks...they'll grow most anywhere!!

  3. I had never heard of hens and chicks until I started reading all your blogs!! I've never seen them at our gardening centers over here so I must ask next time I'm there. Love the idea of the driftwood, it all looks so perfect!!

  4. I love hens and chicks they are so resiliant. Once when I made one of my many moves I had dug some out of the garden and then I was so sick they ended up sitting in a pot with no soil for over a month and they still survived. I have been moving them to a lot of bare spots this year.


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